Archives for September 2014

Workout #1 for the year is DONE!


So that’s what I have to do… I have to promise my daughter we’ll relax in the hot tub after my workout, for me to actually do my workout. Honestly, it takes all of 15 minutes to complete – I really have no excuses! If I team all of this with clean eating, then I’m […]

Michelle’s fitness improvement plan starts soon!


Ok ok I didn’t start my workouts like I said I would yesterday, but I’m sitting here on my couch right now, dressed in my workout gear, waiting for my lunch to go down. To make sure I do this, I’ve promised my daughter that she can work out with me (she’s 7), and then […]

The Aussie summer is coming…!


Yup, it’s spring time here in Australia, and I cannot remember the last time I did anything one would call “exercise”. And it shows… Sound familiar? After a recent car accident where I ended up with an injured back and subsequent pinched nerve, it became very clear to me that my lack of exercise, and […]