Breakfast? It’s BORING!

BreakfastLately I’ve been trying to come up with catchy titles for my blog posts, and I’m constantly saying how you have to eat breakfast and I suppose I’m a bit like a broken record!

But it’s true.

So don’t take this message lightly.

I know you’re heard it a million times before.  “You must eat breakfast.”

Yes, it’s not a message made to inspire, but do you have any idea how many people DO NOT eat breakfast?

A lot.

And guess how many of those people that don’t eat breakfast are overweight?  Most of them.

Like everybody else, you don’t have much time in the morning and you’re probably not even hungry when you wake up right?

Ok, so let’s look at this another way…

You get up each morning and go to work every day because you want a roof over your head and food on the table, right? Day after day after day you go to work because you want to experience the results of that effort.

Well, if you want to burn fat, feel better and have more energy you WILL eat breakfast every morning. Period. End of discussion.

Sometimes we have to do some things we don’t feel like doing.  Some things are boring. Some things just have to be done to get the result you want.  If you want to burn fat all day long, breakfast is just one of those things.

Prograde Lean is a yummy chocolate meal replacement shake that I recommend to anybody who doesn’t feel like eating breakfast and is the perfect substitute.

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