Make time to do what you need to do

Make time to lose weightI have learned the hard way that if you don’t make the time to exercise, you won’t get the time.  What happens?  Well, you end up in that rut you’ve been in for months or even years!

What many women fail to realise is that by looking after themselves, they’re also doing something for their families.  What fun are you going to be if you’re overweight and don’t have the energy to get out there and enjoy life with your family?

So here I am, many months down the track and I’ve not made much time at all for myself at all.  I’m paying for it both physically and mentally and it’s time I finally put me first and put in the effort!

My husband is still studying to become a personal trainer (he’s taken AGES to get organised), but I can definitely see that as he works through each module, he’ll need me as his guinea pig.

I’ll be posting the results of this as time goes on.  So stay tuned!

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