And so it begins…. again!

Ooooh boy I have been missing in action for way too long, and it’s time for me to get off my butt and start exercising again!

I don’t even own any scales right now, so can’t tell you what I weigh, although what I CAN tell you is that while I know I’m not overweight, I’m carrying a LOT more fat than I want to be!

So starting tomorrow, I’m starting my Fit Yummy Mummy program again!

My alarm is set for 5.45am (so I can hit snooze once before getting up), then it’s time to put on my exercise gear and get moving!

What I’ll do is start off with 15 minutes of intervals. What I’ve decided to do for this first day is use the stairs in my house. I will run up and walk down my stairs, using the fabulous music on my iPod for inspiration! 😉

After that I will do strength training exercises – three supersets! So that’s 6 types of exercises including squats, pushups and the killer plank!

Now ideally I’d have a protein shake straight after this workout followed by a shower then breakfast, but I don’t have any protein powder right now. So instead I’ll just have a glass of milk for now. I suppose some protein is better then none, right? 🙂

Wish me luck!

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