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Crossfit exercises – Day 2


Here’s what I’m in store for tonight – wish me luck, because I’m playing indoor soccer afterwards! Warm-up – 3 Rounds 100m Row 5 Barbell front squats (I may struggle) 5 Push-ups (I cannot do these things) Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 20mins 20cal Row 10 Burpees over bar (Owwww!) 5 Thrusters 85/55kg

Crossfit Day 1


Oops I forgot to post what exercises I was taken through last night, so here goes: 5 x Hang and clean thingies (I have no idea but it involved a barbell and lifting it up to my shoulders 10 x situps with the special situp mat that makes you lean riiiiggghhhhttt back 15 x “air […]

Giving Crossfit a go!


Hi everyone. It’s been some time since I posted, and that’s mostly because I’ve been very lazy and haven’t put my health above everything else. What has this resulted in? Well… let me tell you: Weight/fat gain Loss of strength in my core Clothes not fitting properly Lack of strength overall Feeling down on myself […]