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The Belly Blaster to Get Rid of Your Tummy


The Belly Blaster is a killer exercise that really improves your core strength and helps you to burn that tummy fat away so you can get your pre-mommy belly back! I’ve done this exercise on many occasions (probably more than I would like to think of) and if done properly, it BURNS! You can feel […]

How to Boost Your Metabolism – The Key to Weight Loss


Knowing how to boost your metabolism is one of the keys to weight loss. Knowing how to do so will also drastically increase your chances of achieving your weight loss goals. Many people put their struggles to lose weight down to a slow metabolism. What’s sad about this, is that they have resigned themselves to […]

Exercises to Lose Weight – Are they Effective?


What exercises to lose weight are effective, but won’t take you all day to do? Like everybody else, you probably have a busy life, so finding the time to exercise seems like an impossible task! While exercises to lose weight are important, you must understand that your diet plays a big part in your overall […]

Breakfast? It’s BORING!


Lately I’ve been trying to come up with catchy titles for my blog posts, and I’m constantly saying how you have to eat breakfast and I suppose I’m a bit like a broken record! But it’s true. So don’t take this message lightly. I know you’re heard it a million times before.  “You must eat […]

ProGrade Cravers – Nutritional Information


If you’re guilty of caving in to your chocolate cravings, feel guilty no more!  With ZERO trans fats and with less than 200 calories, ProGrade Cravers are the perfect snack. ProGrade Cravers are made with organic dark chocolate and are perfect and safe for both children and adults alike. They come in three flavours – […]

ProGrade Workout


Post workout shakes provide a foundation for accelerated recovery and serious muscle growth. The post workout formula in the ProGrade Workout Shake supplies a blend of high quality proteins, with rapidly digesting carbohydrates, free form amino acids, vitamins, and essential minerals including antioxidants to help maximize post-workout recovery. This post workout shake is made of […]

Prograde Lean


Benefits of Prograde Lean…. Delicious easy-to-mix formula – thick, rich and ready to drink in less than 60 seconds! 35 grams of protein to blast fat fast through the thermic effect of food A perfect instant breakfast or lunch 8 grams of fiber to keep you full and satisfied The metabolism boost needed to promote […]

Holiday desserts for you to indulge in


Christmas is almost here and temptation seems to be EVERYWHERE and now is NOT the time for those with a sweet tooth to fall off the wagon – no matter how tempting! So that’s why I’ve got two great Holiday dessert ideas for you that won’t cause you to pile on the pounds, and they’re […]

The Best Way to Lose Weight – And of course keep it off!


Do you want to know what the best way to lose weight is? It would not be surprising if you are totally confused about what is the most effective way to lose weight. With so many so-called weight loss solutions out there, it is no wonder you’re confused! So what is the best way to […]

How to Lose Weight Quickly – Get Your Body Back in Weeks!

Get Your Body Back

If you’re one of the many people who want to learn how to lose weight quickly, you probably know that most weight loss methods do not work. Sadly, many weight loss methods involve restricting your calorie intake, which in the long run will cause you to put on more weight, so you end up weighing […]