Motivation Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Here are a few tips I came across to help you stay motivated to lose weight – hopefully these will be all you need to stay on track and keep exercising!

1.  Find a friend who also wants to lose weight and wants to work out with you.

2.  Walk your dog regularly – your dog will LOVE you for this!

3.  Join a gym and take advantage of any training they might offer as part of your membership to give your weight loss a boost.

4.  Go dancing with friends.

5.  Go for a scenic bike ride.

6.  Take your children to the park and run around with them.

7.  Get yourself a countdown chart so you can count down those pounds you are losing!

8.  Reward yourself each month for your success!  Make sure your reward is good for your goal and not bad for it!

9.  Get your friends and family to “sponsor” you.  For example, when you reach a certain goal weight a friend might promise to give up smoking (so you both benefit!).  Reach another milestone and another friend might give you a foot massage.  Fun fun!

10.  Remain focused on the end result and WHY you want to lose weight!

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