A lack of money is no longer an excuse not to work out!

As you may have noticed, I’ve posted about various weight loss programs on here, and until recently, they’ve all cost money.

I then came across http://bodyrock.tv, which is not only free, but it works too! There are so many people raving about the results they’re getting from this program that I just had to share.

I have done a few of the workouts, and here is one of them that I did the other night. I was so sore afterwards!

So while this workout is free (and you might want to “like” their Facebook page so you can get printouts of the workouts), you will need to buy at least ONE piece of equipment.

The Gymboss is an interval timer which is inexpensive, but essential when doing these workouts. It counts down each interval and you can even program it to count down for a specific number of intervals.

I use mine not only for the BodyRock workouts, but also for when I go running so I can alternate running with walking. Love it!

So if you’ve not already looked at purchasing an interval timer, visit http://overweightandunhappy.com/gymboss.html now.


  1. Oh and I should probably warn you – the pics on the site and the thumbnails you see on YouTube and on the BodyRock website show a LOT of butt! haha!

    But trust me, these workouts are good and I plan to continue doing them!

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