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My Prograde stuff finally arrived!


Yippee! My Prograde products finally arrived and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly, considering they were posted from the States! What was even more surprising was the taste! My Prograde Lean is a meal replacement shake, and it’s chocolate flavoured and kind of tastes like a dark chocolate shake. Yummy! The Prograde Workout is […]

Prograde special – 25% off!


Hi everybody! Before I go to bed tonight I just wanted to let you know that Prograde is on sale right now – 25% off! So if you want to take advantage of this huge discount, visit right now!

The latest winners of the 12 Week transformation challenge!


Hi everybody. If you’ve not been following the Fit Yummy Mummy 12 week transformation challenge competitors, go take a look now and see the amazing results achieved by these women! They’re soon to start the 21 day challenge. That’s 3 weeks to a new body! Can you do it?? Visit Fit Yummy Mummy now, […]

My meal plan for today – planning my meals in advance!


Last night I worked out what I was going to eat today, and because I’m always so busy and am rushing around in the morning, I decided to get them ready in advance. I have a lunch to go to tomorrow, so the rest of the day’s meals had to be sorted: Breakfast: Green smoothie […]

Listen to your body!


I went for a 5km walk with my man tonight, and although I had a sore calf muscle (I think I pulled it while working out earlier in the week – doing jumping jacks!), I was doing ok – until we decided to jog that is! Because my calf muscle was sore, I should not […]

My latest prograde order


Woohoo! I just purchsed some Prograde products for a massive 15% discount, and I just checked and it looks like they’re still on sale! I bought: 2 x Prograde Workout (for my pre and post workout drinks) 1 x Prograde Lean (for meal replacement) 1 x Prograde Metabolism (to massively boost my results) So if […]

I feel good – apart from a little twinge


I did week 1, workout B yesterday of the Fit Yummy Mummy fat loss program and although I felt great, when I was doing intervals I think I may have slightly pulled a calf muscle. But that’s not going to stop me of course! I will just be sure to stretch that muscle before my […]

Prograde sale – 15% off


Hi everybody I’ve just placed my order for Prograde Metabolism, Prograde Workout (2 bottles) and Prograde Lean, and received a discount of 15%! If you’ve not already taken advantage of this massive store-wide sale, it ends TONIGHT (Friday) at 11:59 EST. To receive the discount, type in the following coupon code during checkout.. BABY15 If […]

My fat loss progress


I had a great day yesterday! I needed to mow the lawn (for the second time in my entire life!), so I figured I would use that as my warmup, and afterwards I’d do a Fit Yummy Mummy workout. And what a great decision that was! I finished mowing, completed Workout B from week 1 […]

Two moves to tone your butt


Are you sick of doing the usual lunges or squats to tone your butt? If you’re looking for something different, then these two butt-toning moves might inerest you! 😉