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How I’m Measuring Up


I just did a search of this site and found my measurements from May 2008: Weight:  58kg/127 pounds Bust:  91cm/36 inches Waist:  76cm/30 inches Hips:  96cm/38 inches And here are my measurements now (ouch!): Weight:  60.6kg/133.3 pounds Bust:  88cm/34.5 inches Waist:  81cm/32 inches Hips:  96cm/38 inches Right bicep:  27cm/10.5 inches Right thigh:  49.5cm/19.5 inches Ok, […]

Should I Still Exercise if I Feel Sick?


Ugh!  I feel terrible today!  I think something I ate yesterday disagreed with me, and I was in the bathroom for part of the night.  Not nice. Today I felt tired and flat. But I wondered if I should exercise regardless?  I wanted to do some Fit Yummy Mummy strength training today, but I really […]

Triathlon training continues and I am losing fat!


I have 56 days left to go before my first ever triathlon, and I’ve lost around half a kilogram (one pound?) of weight. Ok, it’s not much but then again I’ve not changed my eating habits at all, and I have noticed that my arms are looking leaner and my waist too. There’s still a […]

Day 10 – Woo!


I cycled this morning and wow!  I was about half way through and somehow found a second wind, so powered through the last part. I think I’m actually getting fitter! Now, if only that roll around my middle would disappear…..!

Day 9 of my triathlon training


I can’t believe I’m up to day 9 already!  I decided last Tuesday to compete in the triathlon and here I am a week later, and STILL feeling motivated (surprise surprise!). I decided to do my 2.5km run in intervals, rather than trying what I know I’m not yet capable of – running the entire […]

Exercise can HURT!


OMG I cannot believe how much my calf muscles hurt!  This was all caused by the Wii Active that Jason bought me for Christmas.  I told him that the Wii Fit Plus was too easy and to get me something harder.  Weeellll… it’s harder all right! I thought I was being “smart” when I chose […]

My triathlon training continues!


Day 6 it is! On Saturday morning my husband and I went for a ride.  We rode for a little over 13km and we averaged 24km per hour.  We did this in around 34 minutes. It’s not an ideal time, but hey – we’re only in week 1! On Sunday I swam 300m and did […]

Day 3 of training for my triathlon


I did another 20 minutes on the bike this morning and my butt isn’t as sore as it has been, so things are looking up! I won’t be doing any running at lunch time today because I have a date with the girls! After my workout this morning I was going to weigh myself but […]

Is Your Weight Loss Goal Compelling Enough?


I started this website a long time ago with the intention of documenting my progress as I worked towards achieving the body I wanted, but time and time again I’ve “given up”. As a qualified life coach, I understand the power of a compelling goal, but sometimes it’s harder to see things for what they […]