One way to boost your motivation to work out regularly

Are you having trouble staying motivated to work out regularly? I have a solution!

My solution comes in the form of a workout partner who is brilliant at giving me a hard time if I try to get out of going to the gym! Haha!

Ok, this isn’t necessarily a tip you wanted to read, but it most certainly works! Many times I’ve been considering not going and then I think about my workout partner (aka my man!) and how he’s going to nag me and nag me, until I finally agree to go. I figure that pulling out is just not worth the effort, so I end up going, albeit grudgingly.

Mind you, once I’m there I’m glad I decided to go and work out, and I feel so much better for it too.

So there you have it – find yourself a workout partner who’s not afraid to nag! 😉

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