Why on earth would you drink diet coke, knowing this??

I came across yet another article today about the dangers of aspartame, and yet again it talks about the many side effects of this chemical (which is found in Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Nutrisweet, Equal, and so much more here in Australia), one of which is “weight gain”. Yep you read it right!

So for all of you out there drinking diet coke (or coke zero and many other chemically-sweetened drinks), you may actually be hindering your weight loss if that’s what you’re trying to achieve! I actually have an extremely overweight relative who is kind of proof that this stuff definitely does NOT help you to lose weight!


If you’re looking for an alternative drink which does not contain this chemical, but also has practically zero sugar and less than 10 calories, check this out instead: XS Energy Drinks. You buy them in packs of 12, and you can also buy a caffeine-free variety if you’re sensitive. They’re also packed with nutrients for good health.

I know what I’d rather be putting in my body… how about you?

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