POSITRIM Protein Bars – Fudgy Brownie

I am in LURVE!  The POSITRIM protein bars taste soooo yummy!

Rumour has it these protein bars are even more delicious when warmed up, and certain friends of mine have been known to leave them on the dash of their car before eating them for this reason!

This bar is a high quality high protein, low carb snack which is great for between meals to promote healthy eating and therefore weight loss.

I can’t even eat a whole one of these (they really ARE filling!), so I break it in half so I can have half now and half later (so my box lasts longer too!).

Keeping your appetite under control has never been easier with this healthy filling snack tucked away in your handbag!

To order a box of these, or to check out the other weight loss supplements on offer, click HERE.

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