Triathlon update

I only just realised that I never posted the details of how my triathlon in April went!

It’s been ages since I’ve posted – mainly because I’m going through a significant life change, but it’s all good!

Ok, so my first ever triathlon started off ok, although half way through the swim I suffered with an asthma attack!  Of course I forgot to bring my inhaler, so I seriously considered putting my hand in the air and asking to be rescued!

But I didn’t.  I carried on, floating much of the time on my back, struggling to breathe!

I finally got through the swim and hopped onto my bike and loved that part of the race!  Cycling is my strongest leg and I did well, overtaking many of the other racers.

And finally I had the run of which I walked most of it – I still couldn’t breathe properly!

My total race time was 58 minutes, which was well below what I thought I would do, so I’m thrilled with my result!


Will I do another one in future?  Yes!

I’m also trying to go running at least two or three times a week although it doesn’t always turn out that way.

But next time I will be better prepared – with my inhaler and all!  hehe  🙂

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