Triathlon training continues and I am losing fat!

I have 56 days left to go before my first ever triathlon, and I’ve lost around half a kilogram (one pound?) of weight.

Ok, it’s not much but then again I’ve not changed my eating habits at all, and I have noticed that my arms are looking leaner and my waist too.

There’s still a very unattractive roll around my middle that isn’t quite ready to budge, but I’m confident that it’ll soon disappear with consistent effort.

I suppose that’s the key – you must be consistent to see results.

At this point in time I’m taking one day off a week – usually Saturday – and I feel GREAT!

I went for a bike ride yesterday in the early hours of the morning (left home at 4.30am) and loved it!  It was windy and quite cool, but I did good time, and even rode up my driveway afterwards!

I’ve decided that I need to incorporate strength training into my routine though, because I want to accellerate my weight loss (obviously bigger muscles means more fat loss), so my Fit Yummy Mummy ebook is coming out again because I know it works because I’ve used it before.  I’m looking forward to it!

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