My triathlon training continues!

361441-1907.jpgDay 6 it is!

On Saturday morning my husband and I went for a ride.  We rode for a little over 13km and we averaged 24km per hour.  We did this in around 34 minutes.

It’s not an ideal time, but hey – we’re only in week 1!

On Sunday I swam 300m and did terribly!  I had to stop half way and ask Jason to go and get me my asthma puffer!  I was stuffed afterwards!

This morning I did strength and cardio and it was HARD!!

I did another 300m swim tonight and it was a LOT easier than yesterday, so I’m pretty chuffed with that!

Tomorrow is running with my two Italian work friends! 🙂


  1. Take time to enjoy your journey. Don’t focus on your long term goal. Be happy with the progress you make each day. Live in the moment! Too often we allow ourselves to be defeated by the fact that our end goal seems so far off. Each day that we get up and make progress should be celebrated.

    Keep up the good work!

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