My meal plan for today – planning my meals in advance!

Last night I worked out what I was going to eat today, and because I’m always so busy and am rushing around in the morning, I decided to get them ready in advance.

I have a lunch to go to tomorrow, so the rest of the day’s meals had to be sorted:

Breakfast: Green smoothie – spinach, banana, almond milk, frozen mixed berries, vanilla protein powder (I’m still waiting on my Prograde to arrive – they have an orange flavoured powder would you believe??)

Morning tea: Cruskits with cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes

Lunch: Going out – this will be one of my cheat meals for the week

Afternoon tea: Hard boiled egg and some grapes

Dinner: I’m not sure yet. I was thinking of making up a sauce using minced beef, lots of veggies and herbs and garlic. My daughter can have it with spaghetti or other pasta and I’ll have it on its own.

Planning your meals in advance really makes a difference. You’re no longer left with any excuses as to why you didn’t eat healthy – it’s all there ready for you!

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