My first offical workout for the year – a success!

I woke up 30 minutes earlier than normal today so I could work out before starting my day. I figured that there was little point trying to do something at lunch time on a regular basis because I usually had so much other stuff to do. And after work – forget it! At the end of my day, all I want to do is RELAX!

Ok, so I started off this morning with strength exercises. I did squats, pushups, the plank, and several other exercises (there were 6 in total, each one paired up with another for some supersets).

After that I did around 12 minutes of intervals, using the bottom steps in my house! I did 30 seconds of stepups, then 30 seconds of walking around (and getting my breath back!), over and over again till 12 minutes was up!

After that I walked to the train station (1.5km away – more than half a mile?), then home again tonight.

And you know what? I feel fantastic right now, but I know I’m going to feel pain tomorrow! 😉

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