My fat loss progress

I had a great day yesterday! I needed to mow the lawn (for the second time in my entire life!), so I figured I would use that as my warmup, and afterwards I’d do a Fit Yummy Mummy workout.

And what a great decision that was! I finished mowing, completed Workout B from week 1 of the Fit Yummy Mummy fat loss program, and followed that up with intervals (I did jumping jacks – 30 seconds high intensity, and rotated that with 90 seconds of brisk walking).

And of course after my workout I had a post workout shake to help my body repair and grow muscle. For some great weight loss and muscle building supplements, visit the Prograde website at

I recommend Prograde Lean, Prograde Workout and Prograde Metabolism.

So… I’ve done two workouts this week, so that means I have one more to do which I’ll plan to do tomorrow.

My energy levels are high and I feel really good, so I know I’m doing great things for my body right now! 🙂

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