My fat loss progress

Uh oh… I’m not doing too good, and it could be all of the indulging I’ve been doing lately!

Here are my stats:

Weight: 56.4kg/124.1 pounds
Size: 8-10 (Australian sizes)
Hips: 37 inches/94cm
Waist: 30 inches/76cm

So I’ve gained a kilo (or 2 pounds) and put on an inch. ARGH!

BUT I have joined the Holiday Hottie Transformation Challenge through Fit Yummy Mummy, and that’s 21 days of dedicated effort I’m about to put in!

If I’m not seeing results after this challenge, I’ll be VERY surprised. I have no excuses. I have received my Prograde products, I just did a clean eating grocery shop and I have my meals planned for the next week!

So stay tuned as I post my progress! 🙂

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