Michelle’s latest Club FYM update

As you have probably guessed, I follow the Fit Yummy Mummy weight loss program and absolutely love it!

Ok I’ve not been great at sticking to it, but when I’m focused, I get great results!

I’ve been a little unhappy with my body lately and really do want to improve my fitness, and I want to strengthen my core muscles and get my fabulous abs back. So I decided to invest in Club FYM which provides a huge members forum, plenty of workout videos and so much more.

So here’s what I posted in my progress journal on ClubFYM today:

Alright… I’m home alone and really have NO excuse not to get back into this, starting with entering my starting point.

I weighed myself this morning and I’m 55.5kg (122 pounds), which is less than I thought I was, but I do have a bit of a podgy belly and I want it GONE!

As for my other measurements, here they are:

Waist: 29″/74cm
Hips: 36 1/2″/93cm
Bust (please don’t shrink!!): 35″/89cm

I just found my measurements from May 2008:

Weight: 58kg/127 pounds
Waist: 30″/76cm
Hips: 38″/96cm
Bust: 36″/91cm(they’ve shrunk dammit!)

So I have maintained my weight despite how slack I’ve been lately, and am even a little bit smaller than I was. So I think I’m at a good point now where I am pretty sure I’ll get great results!

I’m having a very lazy day today and am yet to hop in the shower. Might work out first, then have a shower.. yeah! I’ll do that soon because I’m starting to get hungry and it’s almost lunch time! Goooo me!

For more information about how you can get your body back, visit Fit Yummy Mummy now!

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