Looking for a compelling enough reason to lose weight?

If you have a good enough reason to want to lose weight, chances are you’ll achieve your goal. But often people struggle to find that reason that’s compelling enough to push them into action.

Last week I came up with a FABULOUS reason to lose weight! And here it is…

I agreed to attend a work fancy dress function dressed in the dress pictured here! EEEK!

Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but as you can see, the dress is not only tight around the midsection, but it’s also white! What this means is that every little bulge is going to show! HELP!

If this isn’t a good enough reason for me to get stuck into my workout routines and to eat healthy for the next few weeks, then nothing will be! Haha!

I will post pics from the event so you can see if I achieved my goal, which is of course to look maybe almost as good as the model pictured here…! Princess Leia, eat your heart out!

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