Listen to your body!

I went for a 5km walk with my man tonight, and although I had a sore calf muscle (I think I pulled it while working out earlier in the week – doing jumping jacks!), I was doing ok – until we decided to jog that is!

Because my calf muscle was sore, I should not have tried running on it, so I felt a kind of “pop” and then a sharp pain in my calf. Ouch!

I’m ok though and I’m sitting on the couch trying to stretch it out before I go to bed. I am not looking forward to walking on it first thing tomorrow though! Eeek!

So please listen to your body. Exercise shouldn’t “hurt”. Yes you should feel muscle fatigue, but if you’re feeling actual pain, then stop. And if you need to, seek medical advice. Don’t try to push through it!

Take it from me – our bodies speak louder than we think! 😉

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