I’ve taken a break

Wow, it’s amazing how having the flu (or whatever it was) can knock you around.

As I posted recently, I’ve joined the Fit Yummy Mummy 12 Week Summer Transformation Challenge, but I’ve not been able to exercise because I’ve been feeling really sick!

So I emailed Holly (the Fit Yummy Mummy) and asked her if it was ok if I deferred my start date so I could start again when I felt better.

She replied, telling me I had until the end of the month to start and to look after myself, so that was really nice.

It is great having a personal trainer on hand to contact whenever I have any questions such as this. Also, she actively takes part in online conversations at Club FYM, posting videos on how to do things, and giving advice.

She’s been well worth more than the $39.95 I spent on her program, that’s for sure!

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