Giving Crossfit a go!

Hi everyone. It’s been some time since I posted, and that’s mostly because I’ve been very lazy and haven’t put my health above everything else.

What has this resulted in? Well… let me tell you:

  1. Weight/fat gain
  2. Loss of strength in my core
  3. Clothes not fitting properly
  4. Lack of strength overall
  5. Feeling down on myself for my lack of effort

And the list goes on.

What I realised is that while the Fit Yummy Mummy program which I promote is freaking awesome (and it really is!), I realise that I need to take up something that I can do BEFORE I get home from work each day.

I spend so little time in my house, that once I’m there, I don’t want to do anything. I just want to put my feet up after a hard and difficult day.

So last night, thanks to the inspiration of my wonderful man, I decided to give Crossfit a go.

I can stop there on my way home from work, work out the stress of my day, then come home to relax!

Last night’s workout was an “intro”. OMG I worked harder than I’ve ever worked out in my life! But it felt GOOD! I have a week to give it a few more goes before I can sign up as a member, so I’m actually quite looking forward to it!

I took my measurements yesterday too, as follows, so I can track my progress:

Weight: 60.2kg

Bust (cm): 94cm

Waist (cm): 73

Hips (cm): 94

In a month I’ll re-measure and see how I’ve done!

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