Exercise can HURT!

995897_36063553OMG I cannot believe how much my calf muscles hurt!  This was all caused by the Wii Active that Jason bought me for Christmas.  I told him that the Wii Fit Plus was too easy and to get me something harder.  Weeellll… it’s harder all right!

I thought I was being “smart” when I chose the “hard” workout, thinking I’d do it easily!  Ok, I did get through it, but it was hard, and now I can’t even walk properly!

I went for a run today with what turned out to be one Italian work friend today.  She killed me.  I am soo soo sooooo unfit!  I also forgot to take a puff of my asthma puffer beforehand, so you can just imagine what it was like…

So I did almost 3km of alternating walking and running.  The good thing is, that even though my legs were killing me, and even though I couldn’t breathe, I kept going, even if it was slow!

Tomorrow’s the bike and swimming, so wish me luck!

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