Just wanting to lose weight is not enough

652985-61371761.jpgMore than half the population “want” to lose weight, but going by the fact that more than half the population is overweight, then “wanting” to lose weight is not enough.

In order to effectively lose weight, you must have a strong and compelling reason as to why you want to lose weight.

Maybe you want to lose weight because you’re unable to play with your children and really enjoy your time with them (remember, your reason must be a really really good one!!!)?

Or maybe you’ve been given stern lecture by your doctor and you’re afraid your life may be severely shortened if you don’t do something now?

Whatever the reason, it must be a really good one – so good that whenever you think of that reason, your level of determination increases and you’re more certain that weight loss is what you want – not slacking off.

To help you along with this, you might even want to post reminders around your house or around your desk at work, so you’re constantly focused on your reason why.

Try to put these reasons in a positive light.

So for example, avoid saying “If I don’t lose weight, then I can’t play with my children” or something like that.  Instead, go with “I am so excited now that I am in the process of improving my health so I can enjoy playing with my children”.

Write something down that excites you, and get started on your weight loss journey!!  🙂

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