Making better food choices

I’m not sure if you realise, but our diet makes up about 70% of our success (or lack of) when it comes to losing fat.

I don’t know about you, but I love food. I love tasty food. I love potatoes. I love junky type snack foods!

I don’t really like fruit all that much, but I do love my protein and I love veggies. So that’s a start!

One thing I’ve not done well is to meal plan. I have many excuses as to why this is, but what it means is that I’m often buying unhealthy snacks and a just as unhealthy lunch each day.


So… I’ve decided that while I try to be perfect when I start meal planning, I struggle to stick with it. So I’ve decided that I need to work my way into it, gradually.

Here’s what tomorrow is looking for me, since I decided this:

Breakfast – Bacon and eggs (eventually I will consider scrambling the eggs and adding spinach/tomato)

Morning snack – 6 rice crackers with sliced turkey and 1/2 a cherry tomato on each. Maybe in the future I could ditch the crackers and just go with the turkey and the tomato?

Lunch – Leftover roast chicken dinner, with chicken, roast potato, roast pumpkin, peas and gravy, with three little squares of dark Lindt chocolate for dessert. Apart from the potatoes and the gravy, this is actually pretty good.

Dinner – Tuscan meatballs with salad

I only have four meals listed here, but once I start working out again, I’ll add in an afternoon snack of maybe a protein shake

If I didn’t take my lunch to work tomorrow, here’s how it would look in comparison:

Breakfast – Bacon and eggs

Morning snack – Packet of Cheesels (yummy, but oh so bad!)

Lunch – Beef burger from the local cafe, with a bar of milk chocolate from the vending machine at work. The burgers are pretty good, but it’s all that bread that’s the main issue here.

Dinner – Tuscan meatballs with salad

See what I mean?? Just by taking my lunch to work, even though it’s not totally healthy, it’s a huge improvement on what my meals would look like if I hadn’t.

So what little changes can you make to your diet each day, so you’re gradually starting to eat better overall?

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