Holiday desserts for you to indulge in

BananaChristmas is almost here and temptation seems to be EVERYWHERE and now is NOT the time for those with a sweet tooth to fall off the wagon – no matter how tempting!

So that’s why I’ve got two great Holiday dessert ideas for you that won’t cause you to pile on the pounds, and they’re yummy too!

The first recipe is for Grilled Banana Splits:


4 ripe bananas
2 Tbsp chocolate chips
1/2 cup non-fat, frozen vanilla yogurt
4 tsp chopped walnuts


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  2. Place each banana on its side on a piece of foil. Cut a slit lengthwise across the top. Leave the skin attached.
  3. Push 1/2 Tbsp chocolate chips into the slit of each banana.
  4. Wrap the bananas with the foil, leaving the top open. Grill or bake about 15 minutes or until the chocolate melts.
  5. Loosen the foil and press the bananas open a little.
  6. Top each banana with 2Tbsp of the frozen yogurt and sprinkle with 1tsp walnuts.


Ok, now the second, if you like your life even easier, and you’re a big fan of Dark Chocolate, you are going to LOVE Prograde Cravers. I seriously cannot even begin to tell you how delicious they taste.

You have to watch the video to see for yourself. You’ll see fitness professionals tasting Prograde Cravers for the very first time. Yes, fitness pros that have tasted every bar on the planet are amazed at how good they taste.

Trust me, you have to see this:

Cravers make the PERFECT holiday dessert.  They are less than 200 calories and are made from organic dark chocolate.


  1. Michelle Green says:

    Ok, tonight I decided to make the Grilled Banana Splits and OMG they’re sooo yummy! Easy too!

    It was a bit fiddly trying to get the chocky bits into the slits in the bananas then peeling the skin away after the chocolate had melted, but the effort was well worth it.

    I couldn’t get vanilla yoghurt, so I used strawberry instead – yummo!


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