How I’m Measuring Up

I just did a search of this site and found my measurements from May 2008:

Weight:  58kg/127 pounds

Bust:  91cm/36 inches

Waist:  76cm/30 inches

Hips:  96cm/38 inches

And here are my measurements now (ouch!):

Weight:  60.6kg/133.3 pounds

Bust:  88cm/34.5 inches

Waist:  81cm/32 inches

Hips:  96cm/38 inches

Right bicep:  27cm/10.5 inches

Right thigh:  49.5cm/19.5 inches

Ok, I’ve put on weight!  But that’s ok – I’m doing something about it and the good news is that my hips have remained the same size!  Weird!  What’s also weird is that my bust size has decreased – maybe everything’s heading south!  haha!

I’m going for a run at lunch time today so wish me luck!

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