Crunches, Kickbacks & Cardio (3 biggest mistakes)

Are you guilty of making these 3 big body-shaping mistakes?

  1. Doing dozens of crunches to melt the belly fat.
  2. Doing dozens of kickbacks to boost the butt. 
  3. Cramming dozens of hours a week doing Cardio to tone problem areas.

Wonder why you are not getting results – I’ll tell ya!

Because ….It Doesn’t Work!

It’s time to stop wasting your time and start doing what DOES WORK to transform your trouble spots.

That’s what my newest fat loss resource The Trouble Spot Solution Training System by Holly Rigsby will do to help you create YOUR BEST BODY SHAPING RESULTS EVER!

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Holly designed a new training system which takes the BEST body shaping exercises and places them in a sequence that helps to elicit enhanced fat loss and in turn the right amount of lean muscle to lift, sculpt and define your Butt, Thighs and Abs.

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Have an awesome day, and if nothing else, please say GOODBYE to crunches, kickbacks and long, slow boring cardio workouts.

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