Are You Overweight or Obese? Here’s What You Should Do First!

Are you overweight or obese? Many obese people think they’re not!

Of course you know the risks of being overweight or obese, but that doesn’t mean you have a problem right? Or maybe you know you could lose a few pounds, but you’ve decided to wait until closer to the summer, your sister’s wedding or your vacation before you do anything about it.

Now is the time to be honest with yourself. Is your weight really a problem?

Did you know that a recent survey of New Yorkers found that only 39% of obese adults actually described themselves as obese?

When was the last time you had to go up a size?

Go see an expert if you’re not sure (or you think you might be in denial!). Your doctor can do the checks necessary to tell you whether or not you have a weight problem.

If your doctor tells you that you need to lose weight, then you MUST get started now. The numbers don’t lie!

The sooner you start doing something about it, the sooner you will be able to look back at your old, overweight self and smile with satisfaction that you did what you had to do and you lost weight.

If you’re not sure where to start, then visit and download the “Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean Body”. You will be so glad you did!

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