POSITRIM Protein Bars – Fudgy Brownie

positrim fudgy brownie

I am in LURVE! ┬áThe POSITRIM protein bars taste soooo yummy! Rumour has it these protein bars are even more delicious when warmed up, and certain friends of mine have been known to leave them on the dash of their car before eating them for this reason! This bar is a high quality high protein, […]

Fuel Factor Vanilla Whey Protein

Fuel Factor - Vanilla

This product is high in protein, low in fat and low in carbs, which means you get both an immediate and sustained release of amino acids. If you’re looking to develop muscle strength, build lean muscle or to burn fat, then this product is for you! It can be taken within an hour of exercise […]

Why on earth would you drink diet coke, knowing this??


I came across yet another article today about the dangers of aspartame, and yet again it talks about the many side effects of this chemical (which is found in Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Nutrisweet, Equal, and so much more here in Australia), one of which is “weight gain”. Yep you read it right! […]

Meal replacement shake without the fuss

XS Protein Blast

If you’re nearly as busy as I am, then I know that any way you can save time in looking after your health is a good thing, right? I was recently introduced to the XS Protein Blast (chocolate flavour of course!) and I have fallen in love! They’re low in sugar and calories so are […]

Fuel Factor – for Muscle Recovery


Ok! People in Australia and NZ, I have some exciting news for you! While I absolutely LOVE prograde products, it’s so expensive to ship here to Australia, so I’ve been on the lookout for another supplier of supplements. I finally found one, and you can either buy at retail price by clicking on the links […]

New range of supplements – coming soon!


For all of you Aussie and NZ people especially, I’m going to soon be telling you all about a range of supplements which are shipped locally – so no more paying the earth to have your weight loss supplements shipped from the US! They’re quality products made with the best ingredients, and the product range […]

The 4 top reasons why you need protein


There have been conflicting stories behind whether you should have protein as a part of every meal to lose fat. While some people say that no, you should not have protein with every meal to lose fat, others are saying you definitely need protein with every meal! My ex hubby was a body builder (where […]

My Prograde stuff finally arrived!


Yippee! My Prograde products finally arrived and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly, considering they were posted from the States! What was even more surprising was the taste! My Prograde Lean is a meal replacement shake, and it’s chocolate flavoured and kind of tastes like a dark chocolate shake. Yummy! The Prograde Workout is […]

Prograde special – 25% off!


Hi everybody! Before I go to bed tonight I just wanted to let you know that Prograde is on sale right now – 25% off! So if you want to take advantage of this huge discount, visit http://overweightandunhappy.getprograde.com/specials.html right now!

My latest prograde order


Woohoo! I just purchsed some Prograde products for a massive 15% discount, and I just checked and it looks like they’re still on sale! I bought: 2 x Prograde Workout (for my pre and post workout drinks) 1 x Prograde Lean (for meal replacement) 1 x Prograde Metabolism (to massively boost my results) So if […]