How to improve your health and lose weight


Not long ago, I noticed a family member was posting all over Facebook about this new product he was using, and the positive changes he was experiencing. He was sleeping better, his mental health had improved, he had loads more energy, and the list goes on! He was literally a new person! I’ve never really […]

Trying something new


Super excited to be working towards a healthier me, and I’ve decided I want to “share the love”! I’m looking for 11 people to come test drive the program, if you or you know someone that is looking to: – Increase ENERGY – Feel better – Drop some FAT and – LOVE what you see […]

Using excuses to get out of exercising


I came across a picture which was posted on Facebook today, and the subsequent comments which kind of fired me up a little. Check out the picture I’ve posted here, and what’s written on it. What Gwyneth is saying is that she looks how she looks because she works for it.  Fair enough I say! […]

Last chance to workout with my friend Holly – SALE ENDS TONIGHT


The Trouble Spot Solution has sold like hotcakes for Holly, and for very good reason… IT’S AWESOME! So, if you’re looking for something you can do at home (or your local gym) that will finally give you the body you always wanted, this is it! Get The Trouble Spot Solution NOW ==> You’re going […]

Crunches, Kickbacks & Cardio (3 biggest mistakes)


Are you guilty of making these 3 big body-shaping mistakes? Doing dozens of crunches to melt the belly fat. Doing dozens of kickbacks to boost the butt.  Cramming dozens of hours a week doing Cardio to tone problem areas. Wonder why you are not getting results – I’ll tell ya! Because ….It Doesn’t Work! It’s […]

Butt, Thighs and Abs…Oh My!


In case you missed it, yesterday I was able to work out a deal with my friend Holly Rigsby to get her new Trouble Spot Solutions System in your hands for a $70 discount off the regular price. Save $70 On Trouble Spot Solution ==> The Trouble Spot Solutions System is actually a 12-week professionally […]

Get Rid Of Your Trouble Spots NOW


Recently my friend fitness expert Holly Rigsby released one of the most powerful programs the fitness word has ever seen: The Trouble Spot Solution Holly has coaching thousands of women and helping them look and feel better than ever before… …and after studying the results these ladies have achieved and the approaches that allowed them […]

New range of supplements – coming soon!


For all of you Aussie and NZ people especially, I’m going to soon be telling you all about a range of supplements which are shipped locally – so no more paying the earth to have your weight loss supplements shipped from the US! They’re quality products made with the best ingredients, and the product range […]

Fit Yummy Mummy 12 Week Transformation Challenge Finalists


It is amazing what one can achieve in only 12 weeks. Go to–NYTC-12.cfm and you will see what I mean. OMG! The results some of these women have acheived is beyond AMAZING!!! All of these women were a part of the Fit Yummy Mummy program, which basically requires you to put aside 90 minutes […]

Gymboss Interval Timer – Why it is an essential weight loss tool, especially with my new workout routine!


Hi everyone. I have promoted several weight loss programs over the years, and one thing you must know is that I would never promote a program without trying it first. If it doesn’t work for me, then it most likely won’t work for you. So that’s why I like to try the program out before […]