Citrus baked chicken with baby broccoli and glazed carrots


OMG this meal was absolutely delicious, and I will upload a photo the very next time I cook it. So here’s the recipe… Serves 2 4 chicken tenderloins – approx 250g 1/2 tablespoon olive oil 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1/2 teaspoon paprika Salt and pepper 5-6 baby broccoli 1 cup carrots, sliced and cooked 2 […]

Making better food choices


I’m not sure if you realise, but our diet makes up about 70% of our success (or lack of) when it comes to losing fat. I don’t know about you, but I love food. I love tasty food. I love potatoes. I love junky type snack foods! I don’t really like fruit all that much, […]

Oooo boy! I’m not doing too good! :-\


So I started off with all the best intentions, but lo and behold, I still don’t have my car back, and I guess I’m using that as an excuse to not work out three times a week. That’s because it means I’m leaving home not long after the sun rises, and arriving home well after […]

Workout #1 for the year is DONE!


So that’s what I have to do… I have to promise my daughter we’ll relax in the hot tub after my workout, for me to actually do my workout. Honestly, it takes all of 15 minutes to complete – I really have no excuses! If I team all of this with clean eating, then I’m […]

Michelle’s fitness improvement plan starts soon!


Ok ok I didn’t start my workouts like I said I would yesterday, but I’m sitting here on my couch right now, dressed in my workout gear, waiting for my lunch to go down. To make sure I do this, I’ve promised my daughter that she can work out with me (she’s 7), and then […]

The Aussie summer is coming…!


Yup, it’s spring time here in Australia, and I cannot remember the last time I did anything one would call “exercise”. And it shows… Sound familiar? After a recent car accident where I ended up with an injured back and subsequent pinched nerve, it became very clear to me that my lack of exercise, and […]

Yummy choc protein ball recipe


Hi everyone! I thought I’d share this choc protein balls recipe that the kids and I LURVE!! You will need: 1 Cup rolled oats 2 scoops chocolate protein powder 2 dessert spoons of Greek yogurt 1.5 dessert spoons of 100% natural peanut butter Coconut to coat Combine all ingredients apart from coconut in a bowl. […]

Fit Yummy Mummy team challenge – one week down!


Week 1 of the Fit Yummy Mummy team challenge is almost over, and I am pleased to say that not only am I feeling great, but my weight has dropped too – and enough to win me 10 bonus points for my challenge! Last week:  131.8lbs/59.8kg This week:  130.5lbs/59.2kg That’s a 1% drop in bodyweight! […]

Fit Yummy Mummy Team Challenge


Wow, it’s been some time since I last posted and I have to say, things are not looking pretty with me right now. I had a pretty tough year last week, mostly brought about by the birth control pill I’d been taking (if you’re taking Yaz or Yasmin, please stop taking it NOW!), and when […]

Six questions to ask yourself for your best fitness plan


Before you set out to start a fitness plan, it’s important to think about what you’re doing to do first. These six questions are essential in creating the best fitness plan for you: