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What is Juice Plus+?


Juice Plus+ (JP) has been around for many years, and it’s incredible I’d not heard of it before. It’s basically a whole lot of fruits and veggies, all inside a capsule, and the potential benefits of aking this are beyond belief! I didn’t believe it myself until I started to see results. I’ve lost weight, […]

So yesterday, this happened…


As you know, I’m on a mission to improve my health. I’ve managed to come across an incredible product in the last week, that has given me so much more energy and improved my health – all in less than one week! So as one would expect, I’ve been posting all over Facebook about the […]

How to improve your health and lose weight


Not long ago, I noticed a family member was posting all over Facebook about this new product he was using, and the positive changes he was experiencing. He was sleeping better, his mental health had improved, he had loads more energy, and the list goes on! He was literally a new person! I’ve never really […]