Archives for March 2010

Yay I Did It!


Phew!  I just completed my mini triathlon trial! Here’s what I did…. I have a 10m long pool, so I swam 30 laps (300m). I rode 13.6km I ran 2.1km OMG it was so hard transitioning from riding to running, so I probably did more walking than running at first, but I finished it all […]

Triathlon trial run!


Today I’m doing a trial run of my triathlon.  Once Jason (my hubby) gets out of bed (it’s almost 7.20am on Sunday morning), I’ll be swimming 30 laps of the swimming pool (300m), followed by a 13.6km bike ride, followed by a 2km run. Phew!  Wish me luck!

I have reached the point of no return!


It’s been a little while since my last post but training is going well – if you don’t count swimming training!  That part of my triathlon leg is still freaking me out a little, but I’m sure all will be good on the day! I’m now able to run more than before, and cycling isn’t […]