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Make time to do what you need to do

Make time to lose weight

I have learned the hard way that if you don’t make the time to exercise, you won’t get the time.  What happens?  Well, you end up in that rut you’ve been in for months or even years! What many women fail to realise is that by looking after themselves, they’re also doing something for their […]

What to do with Christmas looming

Lose weight

With the silly season looming, you’re probably dreading the fact that you are going to be faced with many unhealthy choices over the next few weeks which will not do your weight loss efforts any good – because you’re not sure you can resist! So today I’m going to offer you a few tips to […]

If you don’t eat enough, you could gain weight!

Eat to lose weight

Did you read that right? Yes you did! If you don’t eat enough each day, then you could end up weighing more in the long run! Let’s face it. Losing weight is hard! It takes effort and commitment and if you live a busy life like I do, then finding the time to get out […]

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10 Tips to Help You Lose Weight


You’ve probably seen stuff like this before, and this is actually based on a blog post by Holly Rigsby, and I figured that any help is good, so here are some tips to help you lose weight: Plan – work out what you’re going to do, and how you’re going to do it! Get rid […]